domenica 11 dicembre 2016

articolo ansa medierraneo sulla mostra "tripeditrip" e il concerto "grenzklänge" del 30/11/2016

Berlin migrants concert with Italian painter

Initiative for integration with Mancini's works

05 December,

(ANSAmed) - BERLIN - Paintings by the Italian artist Fernanda Mancini have been chosen by a German foundation to be part of a musical initiative focusing on refugee integration in the capital. The exhibition was inaugurated last week in the Berlin headquarters of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung for a concert entitled "Grenzklaenge" (''Border Sounds'') and presented as a ''journey through the Turkish, Arab, Persian and European cultural space''. Performing were scholarship-holders of the SPD-linked foundation as well as migrants and refugees in the concert, which aimed to use ''music as a bridge towards integration''. The paintings exhibited by Mancini, who has shuttled between Rome and Berlin for the past 20 years, are an attempt to bring together the "Tripeditrip" poetry of China's Gu Cheng (where the exhibition has taken its name from) and the music of Beijing maestro Peng Yin, which was in turn created on the basis of Cheng's poetry. ''I was heavily influenced by the freshness of natural elements - the wind, the water and the trees - in Peng's music,'' the artist told ANSAmed, and ''the blow of Cheng's words''. To make them visible, Mancini said that she had sought ''a combination of natural elements and other very symbolic, universal, ones'' such as fish, which ''is a symbol that unifies all humanity and is found at the basis of all cultures''. The concert, which offered music by Bartok and Beethoven as well as an emerging band of Turkish and Palestinian origins, was organized in collaboration with Xenion, a center for ''pyscho-social assistance for those persecuted for political reasons''. The center is ''one of the few in Berlin'' with translators at is disposal to treat more adequately the psychological consequences of the horrors refugees are fleeing from, according to the presentation. The issue of migration is very high on the list of priorities in the German political agenda and social debate. The Christian Democrats- SPD coalition government has made clear attempts to get the country to accept a limited influx of refugees in integrate into the economy of a country that like other European ones is aging. (ANSAmed).